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I've been working hard since releasing my 8th CD: ‘Our Own Paradise’, which is packed full of festive vibes: Upbeat genres of Island-Reggae, R&B and Pop/Rock.

As my recent blog mentions, I recently recorded twelve songs here on Music Row, at Warner/Chappel Music Production. I produced this project as well, being very proud of the excellent talent from the engineer and session players. The album will come out late spring. I'm still working on the mixes and then onto the mastering, graphic arts, manufacturing and distribution duties!

Meanwhile, here's a fun lyric video from Our Own Paradise:

The 1st media single release from this CD, ‘We Shall Overcome’, calls forth a reckoning pertaining to equality & social justice.  This song’s powerful presence leads one to feel the strength of empowering and insightful messages, witnessed in several Chakra Bleu songs. 

The 2nd release ‘Be My Love’ made a strong imprint upon the Americana Charts!


As y'all know,  I like to simply call my style, 'Americana'  because it is inclusive to a varity of genres such as Pop/Rock; Country; Blues; R&B; some Reggae, Cajun and Bluegrass too.Yet, when away from the Biz Scene, I enjoy listening to Jazz, Latin/Mariachi/Cubana; World Music, (ei. Celtic, Afrobeat, Middle Eastern, etc.).



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1746 Records; P.O Box 160054 Nashville, TN 37216


Photo by Christine Parsons taken at Funky Tymz Studio

After hearing Chakra Bleu's brand new (7th) album, titled, 'ALL OF ME,' the reputable radio promoter, Gary Leftkowith, desired to promote the single, 'The Shadow', and off it went!!!!

   Gary has promoted records of many artists including Mick Jagger's (Charmed Life); Lee Ann Womack ( I Hope You Dance); Shania Twain's (From This Moment); Donna Summer ( Carry On): Fleetwood Mac's (The Chain); Joan Jett's (Bad Reputation); Ace Of Base's (Whenever You're Near Me; Prince; LeAnn Rimes; Julian Lennon, and more..

   The first single from ALL OF ME, titled 'The Shadow', hit the reputable (NMW) Radio Charts with amazing receptivity, including the following:

                                             #4 Top 40 Charts

                                             #4 Hot 100 AC/Hot AC

                                             #5 Top 40 Internet

                                             #1 (5 weeks in a row) INDIE Top 40

The 2nd radio Title single: 'All Of Me', from this CD, reached #2 on Top 40 (holding two weeks in a row!) as well as #7 Hot 100, & #1 on Indie Top 40 (holding five weeks in a row!)

Chakra Bleu's 7th & most current CD, "ALL OF ME', embarks the listener on yet a new journey of R&B/Groove! Yes, she's a writer and recording artist of Pop, Rock, Country, Groove/R&B...just simply call it: 'Americana', which AMA Executive Director Jed Hilly has defined: "It's contemporary music that honors and/or derives from American roots music, period."

'Sweet & Sultry with a shake a Sass' is how she coins the vibe of this album. Imagine a crackling fire, red wine and cozy company.. A delicious listening experience with hints of Anita Baker, Sade, and more of her favourite R&B artists.

She hand picked Nashville's top R&B/Groove players to accentuate each of her songs of this CD to the fullest.

 Chakra Bleu Co-Produced this album along with John Billings; whereby the pre-production 

 was specially in tandem with the incredible groove drummer: Brice Foster


    CHAKRA BLEU: Lead & Harmony Vocals; Electric & Acoustic Guitars; Mandolin

    Bass: John Billings played also with (Donna Summer; Monkeys; Wynonna, etc.)

    Sax: Dana Robbins (Aretha Franklin, Delbert McClinton, Chaka Khan, Roger Daltrey, Frank Zappa, Ron Isley, Al Green, Cece Winans,  Rufus Thomas,etc.)

    Lead Guitar: Tom Britt (John Oates; Vince Gill; Patty Lovelace; John Cowan, etc.)

    Drums/Percussion: Brice Foster (tours extensively nationally for umpteenth artists)

    Keys: Ronnie Godfrey: Marshall Tucker Band; Ty Herndon; Ronnie McDowell; etc.)