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My Dear Friends,

I’ve been looking SO forward to releasing my new song, ‘TEST YOUR FAITH’, for the birthday celebration of Jesus; the significance of his message, which also coinsides with the Winter Solstice                   (Jan 21). 

(Below, I’ve provided more insight into the meaning of winter solstice. ***)

  In this song, I aim to deliver the concept of what Faith is…for the definition is often so vague and misunderstood. Here are some more insights into the lyrics:

 Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, a conviction of things not seen. If you need to see what you desire, before you believe it, it cannot come. You must believe it before you see it. Imagine, what it would be like, if you were experiencing your desire now: What would you see, hear, feel, taste, smell? Anticipate and expect what you desire!  In short: ACT AS IF  (It was here now..happening just as you desire)

 Music Buy Links : TEST YOUR FAITH



 Believe and accept as true the fact that our desire has already been accomplished and fulfilled, that it is already completed, and that its realisation will follow as a thing in the future.

The success of this technique depends on the confident conviction that the thought, the idea, the picture is already a fact in mind. In order for anything to have substance in the realm of mind, it must be thought of as actually existing there.   

      * (By Dr. Joseph Murphy; The Power of Your Subconscious Mind) 

 “What things soever ye deisre, when ye pray believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. “MARK 11:24

“For as one thinks in ones heart, so she/he is’”Proverbs 23:7

 ***The winter solstice is a celebration of being ‘born again’  - not of flesh, but of the spirit. It’s a celebration of the birth of the spiritual Son, the Christ within a persons consciousness on the path of the spiritual sun. Symbolized as a child just as the winter sun is at its weakest, it will grow until reaching its full strength at the summer solstice = just as the spirit grows within a prepared individual to transform them completely from inner darkness into light. The rising of the sun on the winter solstice, out of the darkest day of the year, echoes the birth of the light from the dark void on the first day of creation.

Every genuine spiritual teaching throughout the world had some word for attaining enlightenment, whether it was Awakening, Self-Realization, Salvation, Imperishability or Immortality, etc. Most still have remnants of a diving savior associated with the sun, and many associated the birth of this savior with the winter solstice. this divine savior always taught humanity how to achieve enlightenment to become a ‘Son of God’ and return to the spiritual source awakened.

Although Christmas is now largely about shopping for many people, the birth of the savior was intended to bring to earth a profound spiritual message for the whole of humankind. This message has been brought to earth anew many times as previous teachings became old, obsure, and locked withing religious dogma. (Extract taken from the book,'The Path of the Spiritual Sun', by Belsubuub w/Angela Pritchard.)

 Merry Christmas and Happy Winter Solstice to each and every one of you!  May you all be Blessed and Blissed with abundant Health, Happiness, Love, Prosperity, Peace, Adventure and Spiritual Insight! I surely hope that my song brings you empowerment to Be all you Really Are!


Chakra Bleu 


Hello my Dear Friends,
Ive got yet another Big Treat to share with you! I invite you to sit back and enjoy my new Lyric Video. 
The Shadow’, (from my album ALL OF ME)  talks about the worthiness and uniqueness of who we really are as whole beings!
The 'Shadow' in this song refers to the repressed, disowned and unrecognised aspects of ourselves. Everyone is a blend of day and night, qualities both desirable and perhaps undesirable. We often focus on the inadequacies of our personalities, which we label as being a failure and undeserving. We dampen our feelings of Self-Worth by perceiving our 'Shadow' as negative - rarely looking at the trapped energy it contains. When we accept all of ourself, we liberate and allow a higher transcendence of this 'shadowed' energy, which in turn can bring out our finer qualities.
I am releasing this Lyric Video purposefully in this season of Fall. The physical decline and darkness experienced by the land as we approach winter represents something else, as well: it is the external embodiment of the darkness all people contain within themselves. Those negative/unhealthy/untruthful qualities within us can be restored to positive/healthy/transformation through truthful, honest awareness, self acceptance/non-judgement/Self love and forgiveness.
Many mistake the mystery of Autumn for darkness and depression, but in reality it is just about endings and transformation which will lead to new beginnings. There comes a time when the night must be braved, when the darkness must be faced. Darkness and light exists in all of us. Yet darkness, if ignored, grows and takes over like mold. It is only when exposed to light that we can overcome those ‘shadows.’ Autumn is the time to face darkness, a physical reminder of opportunity to accept and transform our Selves.
Look for the Light beneath the Shadow- that hidden Inner Power and Beauty that is the True You!   
*This song was inspired by the book ‘A Mythic Life’, written by Jean Houston
* Also available on all Major Online Music Stores 

Dear Friends,

I could not wait to share this new release with y'all ! 

This song is so perfect for the Football season  - well actually ANY SEASON with a reason to share good brews with your friends!


You Go to My Head   (spotify link)
 OK,  here's the Scenario: It’s Friday night and Brittney has met up with her posse at their favorite Micro Brewery. The gals are unwinding from a busy week at their jobs and they are SO happy to be at their festive hangout. Brittney strikes up a conversation with a friendly guy. She cannot believe how quickly he is growing on her - especially when she was NOT looking for a ‘Hook-Up’! Yep, sure enough - he’s Going to Her Head like a GOOD beer buzz! This song is meant for singing it at the TOP OF YOUR LUNGS with your Friends, of course, while enjoying your beer. (BTW: the beer is your excuse if you sing off key!


Cheers, Chakra Bleu 


Written by Chakra Bleu & Sue Halford; Produced by Chakra Bleu 
copyright 2017; Chakra Bleu Music 


In the song WILLING TO FALL, I compared the parallels of rock climbing to willingness in opening one’s heart in ‘dating’. 
Both have risk factors of getting hurt; both require courage; both carry the risk of falling from ‘heights’; both do well with safety precautions; both require trust; both require the act of taking little steps forward to grow/improve - in order to grow both
require the willingness to fall; both do not do well with over-gripping; both require confidence, yet a humble heart; both open doors to self improvement with practice, self awareness, knowledge and learning (in a relationship, that would be learning more about the other person - asking what his/her feelings are about this, that; asking about likes, dislikes, etc); both require patience and a sense of responsibility; both do well with a lightness of heart and humor; both require to place oneself in a state of vulnerability; both flourish with a playful demeanor- having fun, being curious/wonderment/adventurous.
Interestingly enough, fighting against, anger and bleme do not work well for either one of these. Cussing out a rock wall, or blaming it for not performing to your expectations, is ridiculous.  It’s a rock - it’s just there being a solid nature. It doesn’t listen or have a personality to fight back. It hurts if you use force to try to ‘be the winner’. LOL. Thus the same goes in a relationship: No one ‘wins’ when there is angry fighting and blaming. It doesn’t feel good. In fact it feels like it would if you slammed into a rock face (wall). 
The rock face brings you face to face with your own thoughts, feelings, strengths and weaknesses, some of which these unpolished qualities are humbling to realize!
Such is the case with being in a relationship, that often reflects personality traits in yourself that you aren’t fond of, which bubbles up as feeling irritated toward the other person, which then of course you deflect and blame him/her for these (mirrored) unlikable qualities. It’s amusing stuff!
Both fourish as you come to a point of Acceptance of especially yourself as well as others. The quality of acceptance meaning being at peace - arriving at a place of non-judgment, right there in that moment, one foot step, one hand-hold at a time. This ‘Space’ naturally brings one to be encouraging and Loving to your Self as well as others, which brings you effortlessly into a state of selflessness, which coincidentally brings you to become more light hearted, which leads to more Fun and Joy/Happiness. Cool!
When I started rock climbing a little while ago, I was faced with my fear of heights. This is pretty normal for most folks, as heights and very loud noises kicks in our sense of self preservation. It turns on our ‘danger red-light button’. Anyway, my friends kindly and patiently helped me understand how the climbing equipment works, which included safety precautions. I wasn’t really having a lot of fun at first, because I was so focused on my fear of heights and falling. 
Staying on point with the comparison of climbing and relationships, the lyrics in WILLING TO FALL portray, I will continue with my beginning days of climbing as thus: I had a Desire and Curiosity to find out why my friends felt so much enjoyment in this sport. I knew that I liked that we were outdoors, amidst trees, birds, fresh air and sunshine. Though this natural fear was prominent on several of my first climbing experiences, I began to question what ‘fear’ was in the big picture. ‘Fear’ in this case, could be translated to an experience that was ‘unfamiliar’ to my mind, emotions and physical body. I asked myself if I was ‘Willing’ to climb and experience what was ‘unfamiliar’, so that I could open up my mind to understand the skills even better. When one’s mind is focused only on Fear, there’s not space enough to focus on Understanding, which then allows a person to relax more, just for one. Anxiety really fries your nerves, and zaps your energy, and Fun factor!
So the same qualites exist when getting involved in a new relationship. Most of us have experienced the pain felt in heart-breaks, when we have invested so much of ourselves; our trust, hope, love, dreams, etc. only to have it feel like there’s a gaping hole in our heart. This feeling creates Fear and Anxiety to put ourselves at a risk to ‘Fall’ - get crushed again. Yet, if we don’t take the risk, we certainly will not have the opportunity to share the richness of being in love. That gem requires the
Willingness to fall. 
Thankfully in rock climbing and mountaineering, there’s safety features, such as harnesses, ropes, gear, to allow the belayer to catch our falls. Yes, there are some safety precautions in the get-go of ‘dating’/hanging out’, such as taking it slow, good communication, etc. that are helpful. Falling either way can still be scary, yet the
thrill of living Big, living life Full, start with a Willingness to Open our Hearts!


As for the lyric video release of SUNFLOWER OF MY DREAMS...
I'd like to give special thanks to...
Video Production: Shikar

My Nashvegas Music Meisters:

Cello: David Henry
Steel Guitar: Johnny Heinrich
Keys: Barry Walsh
Drums: Rick Lono
Bass: Victor Krauss
* Acoustic Guitar: Chakra Bleu
* Music and Lyrics by Chakra Bleu

Engineer: David Henry

I recall vividly, bringing this song to the 'song committee' to be considered for the upcoming album 'You're The One'...
With pens and paper in their hands, I remember seeing tears running down smiling faces, yet the room quietly intense. I didn't know exactly what this meant until, I read the comments and ratings upon this particular song, in the running, to be or not to be on this 5th album of mine...
Anyway, the ratings the committee gave this song, gave 'it' a unanimous 'green light' to be on the CD. 

As for the production, I thoughtfully decided which instruments would best compliment the sensitivity of the lyrics and symbolism in this song. In my head, I could strongly hear the cello and steel guitar delicately decorating the spaces in between the phrases and highlighting the solo, beginning and end of this song, which took on a personality of its own, in the writing and production. I simply took a back seat, so to speak, to what IT desired to BE.

I give credit to ALL the musicians and Video Producer on this song, which most importantly can hopefully bring Joy into Your Dear Hearts!

Chakra Bleu

Dear Friends,  

With Fall and Thanksgiving in the air, I'm offering you a special gift for this season: my new lyric video 'SUNFLOWER OF MY DREAMS'.

The 'totem/symbolism' of the sunflower is Happiness, Vitality, Devoted love, Freedom, Beauty, Hope, unbending Faith, Prosperity, Strength, Success and Endurance. 

The Native Americans use it as a symbol of Bounty, Harvest and the life    giving force of the Great Spirit.

In Chinese symbolsm, it  represents long life, good luck and is considered very  auspicious, as it is always seeking out the light, following the  path of the sun all day. 

Keep this song close to your Heart and  may it bring a warmth of Beauty and Love from the inside-out,  so you can pass this Light/Good Vibes out & about!

I also would like to thank the video producer DJ Bets for catching the perfect Vibe on this video. I asked him to include images that had S'mores, campfire, romance, passion, and stars. Bravo, dude!

Dear Friends,  

Here's a Very special Solar Eclipse LYRIC VIDEO surprise! You're in for a rich R&B/Soul, passionate vibe, that flirts with roasting S'Mores on a cozy campfire, under the moon and stars. Baby!


Here's your next 'Summer Extravagaza LYRIC VIDEO gift'. It's fun & laid back with an Island-Reggae vibe. 

I invite y'all to take a moment & make a special wish on this Full Moon Eclipse and let my song 'WHATEVER YOU WANT', guide you in applying the art of visualizing all that you truly deserve! Listen closely, envision, and Be....

I'm happy to share with y'all yet another Lyric Video from my 8th album, Our Own Paradise.      This video is the song DUNE ALLEN, and it will surely take you on a   mighty fine romantic trip to a Santa Rosa beach off Florida's Hwy 98 (also known as 30A). 

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